(Probably an extra credit lesson)
One thing I’ve always been curious about is the geography of Japan. I’ve been to Tokyo and Osaka, but I couldn’t tell you where they are on the map.
There’s also the 23 wards of Tokyo which I would be interested in learning about.
And where is Hokkaido, Fukuoka, and the Kansai region? What islands are considered a part of Japan?
I think it would also be interesting to touch on the capital of Japan changing so frequently in the past.
Going particularly in-depth is probably outside the focus of the platform and could be better learned from a book focused specifically on teaching the geography on Japan, but it would be nice to learn the important parts of Japan (and how they’re written in Kanji) and be able to spot them on a map.
Maybe there could be specifically designed flashcards for learning the different parts of Japan, with the name of the region in Japanese, and its location in a picture, similar to the Kanji cards.