When studying with native materials, you have to be conscious of the fact that anime characters don't speak like normal people... except that sometimes they do.
I think a really fun mini lesson would be discussing and giving advice around using resources like anime to learn Japanese and also to mindfully develop your own Japanese-speaking personality as it were, whether this is by effectively neutralizing the anime-ness of your study material or embracing certain parts.
For instance, I'm a person who IRL says things like 'Oh my', 'dear me', and 'much to my chagrin', so to a certain extent learning to use language used by and shadowing an anime butler for instance may actually be ideal. Yet still, knowing what lines aren't to be crossed is difficult - at what point do I go from curiously archaic to just plain weird?
For another example, a user may particularly want to convey themselves as being very gender neutral - what sorts of characters/shows would they do best to imitate/learn from? etc.
So I guess there's 2 parts to this proposal:
1) How to use native materials to develop your Japanese-speaking character
2) How to use native materials to learn Japanese WITHOUT then sounding like an anime character/gangster/over-feminine/etc.